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shitty side skyline
Hey, so it’s been a while huh? I’ve been a ghost for quite some time, on here and various forums. I lost my interest in cars for a while and funnily enough I started playing car roulette again.

The Skyline was sold to Jeff as the mortgage is more important than a car I’ll barely drive. Shortly after I sold the R33, I scored a job as an order entry/business to business support clerk for one of the worlds largest navigation companies. With that in mind I set out to get a fun simple daily, so I went back to my roots. I bought a Mazda Roadster.

clean Mazda miata MX5 Roadster

It was a very neat example, and a fun car to drive. A perfect base for a simple, enjoyable car. But things went another way when Benny decided it was time to move on himself. He kept nagging me about the Stagea and how I should be reunited with it. For a while I just brushed it off but when I started loosing interest in the Roadster for an IS200 … I thought about the Stagea long and hard.

The conclusion I came to was I put too much time, effort and money into it and I really couldn’t be bothered (nor do I have the luxury) to do anything that extensive to a car again in the near future. It was at a point where I could tie up loose ends and enjoy it for what it was. So I gave in, the Roadster went on the market and sold shortly after which made my reunion with the Stagea set in stone.

run it hard stagea is back

Although it’s back in my grasp, it’s not how I remember it. The first owner took a few things off it like the brakes, and suspension components along with the R33 LSD. Over time all these things will be rectified when I can find the time and/or money to do so. There are a few other little details that I’ll be fixing along the way too.

One day, I might even be out on the track again getting this thing sideways, at least I hope so.


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