how to: remove indicator dome in lights

light difference

Sometimes the smallest changes can make the biggest differences on a car. This is actually a trick Julie showed me back when she had her CRX and I had my MX5. With those two cars you can do it the easy way, which is knock out the plastic dome using a flat head screw driver, then cutting it out with a pair of tin snips or other sharp objects. You could do it this way on those cars as there is a large sized opening for the indicator housing.

Unfortunately with Skyline sedan indicators you need to do it the hard way.

splitting light

Basically you need to split the light apart, you could either use an oven or heat gun. I went with the heat gun route as I feel it gives you better control and less chance of melting/warping the light. You’ll then need to use a flat head screw driver and pry the glass/plastic from the backing.

indicator dome

Once you’ve wiggled the clear cover off the base, you’ll be greeted by that annoying yellow dome. They are generally held in with a screw, all you do now is unscrew it and give the dome a gentle pull. It should come right off.

light apart

Apply heat to the silicone on both the clear lense and base until it gets soft. Then press it together and hold tension, you could use cable ties to hold it together too. Removing the dome this way, there is a high possibility that you can damage the base slightly by prying the lense off. I did but it’s hidden away from the front bumper and unnoticeable. The main thing to worry about is making sure no moisture gets in. So heat that silicone up good, or add more to be super safe.


Here is what the sedan lights normally look like. Such an eye sore, ugh do not want.

neww front bumper

Here is how they look with the domes removed. The front end looks so much neater without any amber in it. Doing this mod, you will need to get new indicator bulbs, as they’ll now light up white. You can get chrome coated globes that look clear but turn amber when lit. Or you could be fancy and get some amber LEDS.

All in all this took me roughly an hour to do. Cost me bugger all (only need indicator globes) and gets rid of that pesky amber from the front end.

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  1. Jeremy August 16, 2015 at 8:23 am #

    Hi! What are those lights ? Where could i buy such lights for my skyline, do you know ?
    I hope this works 🙂

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