All hail the queen – Julie’s S14 reborn

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It has been a long time coming, ever since Julie bought her S14 Silvia 7 years ago, she wanted to change the look of it. But as we all know, plans continuously change and life gets in the way of doing all the things we desire.

There hasn’t been any updates on Julie’s car for a very long time, some wondered where it went … asked her if she still had it? things like that. Truth be told since last November’s drift Matsuri at Wakefield park, the S14 had been locked away in the garage. It just sat there, run-down, dirty and looking worse for wear.

A few times I had brung up what we were going to do with the S14 but the conclusion was for it hibernate a little while longer.

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It was only until June this year Julie decided it was finally time to do something about the way her Silvia was looking, reminiscing about the fun times driving it and pushing it at its limits on the track ignited her flame to get it looking its best.

So we went hunting for parts, and managed to find a cheap Super made front bumper. This has been dubbed the “drift bumper”, as she also wants to run Vertex when the time is right.

The side skirts and rear bumper are old Vertex units we purchased many years ago.

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Surprisingly, the Supermade front bumper works rather well with the Vertex side and rear aero. We were contemplating on running the full Supdermade kit, but I’m glad Julie stuck with the current miss match.

The next obvious change would be the paint work. The 18-year-old factory paint was starting to show its age, so Julie thought we might as well go all the way if we are changing the aero setup on her S14.

For almost every person getting a car repainted is daunting, mainly due to colour choice. Julie was torn for a while whether to keep the factory Concord Gray, or go a nice deep black, among other colours. Black came out on top though and it looks a treat!

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The paint and panel work was done by Chris from Hollylea road smash in Ingleburn. Where the S14 received an open door respray, along with filling boot and bonnet holes, smoothing all the dings and dents and even painting the engine cover. Chris has a lot of pride and wants the customer to walk away as happy as they could possibly be.

Considering how competitive his prices are, this makes for the perfect place to get any drift car a freshen up.

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Julie opted to keep her favorite set of wheels on the S14. Weds LXzs that have been bolted on for a few years now, with the deep black paint on the chassis they have taken the Silvia to another world. It has all come together so nicely.

Julie couldn’t be happier with outcome.

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Next on the agenda is giving the engine a freshen up with a new turbo, braided line and other little things. Then I’ll be back on the track later this year hanging its ass out!

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