Car roulette

Stag with Work LS406 19 inch wheels 2
Well this has become a common trend with me, within the past year I have gone through quite a few cars. Three R33 skylines, a S13, a NA MX5 and even my Stagea (along with some shitbox daily drives). I dare say that my car whoring has come to an end for a while. Now you might be wondering how I ended up with yet another R33, and more importantly how long until this car is gone for something else?


Sometime in April, Benny decided he wanted to get a JZX100 and kept bugging me to take the Stagea off his hands. Soon enough his persuasiveness had let me to owning my once awesome wagon. But it didn’t fill my heart like the first time I owned it. It felt like modifying the car to get it back to what it was, was a burden. I didn’t enjoy it and it really felt like a waste. So after spending a few months cleaning up all the dodgy things on it, I decided it was time to part ways and listed it for sale.

GKtech roll centre bolt on correctors installed camber effect
The main priority out of putting it up for sale was to sort out some bills, well that was the plan until a guy offered to swap his S15 for it. I’ve always liked the S15, it’s just a car I never thought I’d own. Anyway we met up a few days later and the deed was done, I was now the owner of a Nissan Silvia S15. It was an awesome car and had some decent modifications, like a Apexi Power FC, coilovers and adjustable suspension components and other little things. I installed a few extra parts like Defi gauges and GKtech roll centre correctors in the front end. But after a while my priority went back to being sensible and paying the bills. So 3 months after the swap the S15 went up for sale.

Now we enter my 16th car and 5th Nissan Skyline R33 GTS-T. Seems silly doesn’t it?

R33 number 5

There is just something about them that I cannot escape from, I love the shape, love the engine and drive train package … they are one of the best cars you can get in the sub 10k price range .. for drifting anyway.

It has been over a year since I had hit the track and I’ve been itching to do so for a while, the S15 needed some more work before I would be comfortable taking it and in the end I figured I’m better off to sell it before I sink more money into it.

With the next car purchase, I wanted to make sure it had some good quality parts on it, something where I’d need to add the finishing touches to make it exactly what I want.

So I went on a hunt and looked on all the classifieds on the web, and on a Friday night I spotted an R33 with some great potential. Saturday came along and Julie and I had a look at it. This thing was amazing, the body was a little rough around the edges, but everything underneath the car was top-notch and near new. It drove exceptional too, I fell in love all over again with the R33 Skyline and soon enough I was the owner of my 5th.

R33 number 5 side

It’s got goodies like an ASR extended sump, Garage 7 roll centre correction kit, BC coilovers and adjustable suspension arms, Plazmaman pro series intercooler, plenum and throttle body, Apexi power FC bumping power up to 220kw and to top it all off it’s even got a hydraulic hand brake!

The plans for this beast is to clean it up, upgrade the turbo and push some more power out if it, and make it look badass!

second set ordens

Somewhere along the line I bought another set of Leon Harditt Ordens. These were ment to go on the Stagea as I didn’t like rolling around on the 19 inch Work LS406 wheels. The ordens were much better sizes too, coming in at 9.5J +1 and 11J -6. The Stagea was swapped by the time these arrived from Japan so I put these up for sale, but then I thought to make them fit the S15.

Then that got sold so they’ll go on the new R33 … just like I had planned with my first set of ordens and my second R33 last year.

Leon hardtitt orden on R33 skyline 2
I’m planning to take this to Matsuri in November, so for now I’m preparing it to handle the two days of abuse and then I’ll focus on getting the ordens under the guards.


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