SAU NSW Monthly Meet – Charity Cruise 21st February


SAU were holding their first cruise of the year and there was no way Julie and I were going to miss it! Unfortunately my car didn’t make it due to issues with my ECU but we stretched the legs on Julie’s S14 … which has rarely been driven since it was painted, roughly a year and a half ago.

Like last time, Skylines Australia, NSW division held a charity cruise from Crossroads Casula, heading to Robertson Pie Shop.There was a massive attendance this time around, and whilst the group did run into some issues with Highway patrol, all in all it was a great day and the pies were awesome!

With Julie driving, I did manage to get some rolling shots and I was floating around with my camera most of the day. I tried to get a pic of every car there so if I missed you, sorry!

Till next time!


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