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Ford Falcon BF XR6 Turbo

As usual I haven’t done an update in ages! I’ve got some free time up my sleeve today so here’s hoping I can keep everybody in the loop on what’s been going on with me for the past 6 months or so.

Alright, were to begin? I guess the most important thing is, that I still have my R33 Skyline, and a lot of things have changed on it since the July post I made last year. But lets talk about some other cars I’ve had during that time period.

The XR6 Turbo was my daily driver for quite a while, and at one point I bought a Toyota Soarer off old mate Jeff. So I had 3 cars … 3 fricken cars! All had rego too…

Soarer front

Anyway, I didn’t have the Soarer for long, but I did change a few things on it and I think it looked pretty awesome in the end. It was a standard 1J auto which I did have plans to change the gearbox and the like, but I came to my senses and realized it’s just silly to have 3 cars at that point in time.

Soarer rear

Shortly after the departure of my Soarer, Wakefield Park kicked up a stink about not having a “Drifting Permit” … what a crock of shit! So I figured, hey drifting has died in the ass, and I’ve only towed my car once since I’ve owned the XR6 …. what’s the point?

Rego was due, and there were some issues starting to arise (typical Ford rubbish), so I palmed it off for cheap.


Then came along my 350Z, this was a cousins car that had been neglected to say the least. They don’t know much about cars unfortunately, So I bought it off them, fixed it up and decided to sell that in order to get my R33 Skyline running.

So what do I daily drive now you might ask?

Toyota Corolla Sportivo Turbo front

Well, now I have a Toyota Corolla Sportivo … the original limited edition models. Which happen to be factory turbo. However my little Corolla has had all the gear changed that tends to fail over time. Like the turbo and manifold shitting themselves for instance.

Toyota Corolla Sportivo Turbo rear

It now has a GC8 TD04 turbo off a WRX, and a steam pipe manifold. Along with bradied lines, larger dump pipe and exhaust …. and even a metal headgasket and headstuds to handle more boost. It’s been resprayed and had a leather re trim too.

Corolla Sportivo turbo engine bay

Since ownership I’ve changed the intake setup, the OEM setup uses the normal Corolla airbox and has piping going around the whole engine bay, and also features multiple reducers along the way. The new setup goes in front of the drivers side wheel. I’ve also fitting a Profec B spec II boost controller as it had spiking issues previously.

Cosmetics wise it is rolling on some Axis Bansai wheels for the time being. I picked these up cheap and they happen to have semis fitted which helps with traction on launches haha.

She isn’t the prettiest thing but it’s practical, fast, economical and fun so I’m quite fond of it. Luckily for the Sportivo, I don’t plan on selling it anytime soon either!

As for the R33, I did get it finished … more on that soon.

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