R33 Skyline wet drift track

Alright it’s time for the main event, what the hell have I been up to with the Skyline since my last update in July? Well wonder no more because a shit load of gibberish and pictures are coming your way!

Since the Marulan track day, the R33 had sat in the garage for a little while … I was pondering what was next for it. Sooner than later I decided it was a good time to upgrade the turbo while there were no events on the horizon.

So I started shopping around and scored some good quality parts.

RB25 Steam pipe manifold Tial MVR gate

Custom made steam pipe manifold and Tial MVR wastegate.


Good ol’ Kinugawa T67 turbocharger with a T04R compressor wheel.


Adaptronic Eselect plug-in computer.

Tasty fuel setup, consisting of ID1000 injectors, Sard fuel pressure regulator, Proflow fuel rail and main fuel pump. Custom under-car surge tank and an ethanol content senor.

I also got a new rear housing and compressor nut too, as the previous owner of the T67 had an external wastegate provision on it.

With most of the gear needed, I set out to Rocket industries and got all the lines, hoses, tools, bungs, fittings and other little things needed to get everything on.


I opted to water cool the wastegate, seeing as I had water ports available as the T67 is only oil cooled. This was my first time making braided lines and was a lot simpler then I imagined haha.


The proflow fuel rail, combined with the ID1000 injectors fit snugly under the Plazmaman plenum.


The Sard fuel pressure regulator was mounted where my old brake master cylinder stopper went, the content sensor mounted just below it. The standard fuel filter location was ditched due to this.


Here’s a pic of the surge tank all fitted up, I gave it a coat of black and had some mounts welded prior to fitting. The Aeroflow fuel filter is mounted just after the fuel pump too. I’m fairly happy with how this all turned out.


In-between all of this I had a change of wheels. I sold the Leon Hardritt Ordens to a friend and imported another set of MAE riverside wheels. I wanted to run as little camber as possible and with the lack of rear wide body kits out there for the R33 Skyline, it was easier just to change wheels. This looked pretty cool but then decided I didn’t want to a spacer up the front, and with a brake upgrade on the horizon I ended up parting ways with the MAEs.

In search for a new replacement, I was keen to try something with a relatively flat face, and though Enkei RPF1 in their super bright chrome finish would look ace on the bronze. However I soon discovered that they only made them in 18×9.5 +15 and would be made to order … that didn’t fly with me. So I settled on something else.


AME Tracer TM-02. 18×9 +15 and 18×10.5 +22. The front size paired with my Garage 7 lock kit made for a good size, and the rear is the lowest offset they do in a 10.5 inch. I like this combo the best out of all the wheels I’ve had mounted up to the Skyline, they also allowed room for these.


A set of 350Z track brembos, these came off my 350Z which was a touring but at some point had the track brakes put on it. They were looking pretty beat up so I got them painted in bronze and some silver metallic decals applied.

brembo 350 rear caliper modded

The front calipers bolt straight on and are very similar to R34 GTR Vspec II items. The rears however need to be modified, the mounting points need to be closer together and part of the caliper needs to be machined in order to mount to the knuckle. I’m not sure if you can still use a drum hand brake with the rear though … mines been removed completely as I have a hydro installed. I was planning to retrofit a Silvia hand brake for when I go duel caliper.


Which these GKtech rear knuckles will allow me to do with ease! I got these primarily for their geometry correction and strength. Benny has managed to break multiple rear knuckles and I want this car to be virtually indestructible so these were the pick. I actually had drift works geomaters at one point, however the previous owner had a dual caliper bracket and it pushed the wheel out 15mm or so. These were sold off as I was trying to run as little camber as possible.


With the Skyline just about ready for a tune, I had to think about where I wanted to take it. Originally I was going to take it to a rather well-known workshop but decided upon taking my chances at a place called Red Sun Motorsports. Jeff had known the owner for many years and told me how good a bloke he is and that he recently got himself an in-house dyno.



Right before it was towed to Redsun, Jeff and I finally got around to swapping out my front cross member. Out comes the standard unit, and in goes the braced, and painted piece. Steering rack mounts were moved 25mm forward. Some nismo engine mounts were fitted at the same time, which was good as the OEM mounts fell apart!


There were a few issues that popped up along the way of running some solid numbers, wiring problems with a dodgy immobilizer, water temp sensor was fried as was the AAC valve. We even thought the Adaptronic shit itself as it was overheating. So what did Adaptronic do? They replaced it with a whole new unit free of charge! What a bunch of nice guys.

Anyway, Matt worked out all the bugs and got to tuning it. End result is a respectable 315kw on 22psi. As you can see the turbo kicks in HARD! and revs out all the way to 8000rpm. The figure might be a little on low side considering it is on E85, but I am willing to bet it’ll make a ton more power at other workshops. Either way it’s just a number and the car drives incredible which is what counts. I am also extremely happy with how Matt handled all the ups and downs with the car, it’s safe to say I will be a returning customer.


Oh, I forgot about the clutch. This was a spur of the moment thing as I was worried that the clutch already fitted in the car wouldn’t handle the new turbo. So I nabbed this xtreme twin plate unit for a steal and gave it to Matt to install. Good thing I did as the old clutch was pretty much done.


I’ve been loving life since the car is finally running again! It’s pretty much all I’ve ever wanted it to become.

Here’s a little vid of it in action. Jeff was driving and didn’t rev it out all the way. The rear knuckle setup along with stuff all camber has added a shit ton of grip. You can plant it and not have a hint of wheel spin in any gear … unless you activate launch control haha.






With the R33 running again I was hanging to get out on track and see how it performed. A skid pan day had come up and I figured sure, it’s cheap and it’ll be a good shakedown to see if the car blows up.

Being a low-speed and wet course, it’s a little hard to gauge the true potential of the car. But I did notice how stable and predictable it is now, I’m sure that is due to the alignment changes and suspension setup. I also have no more steering bind too which is a big plus, I was able to throw stupid amounts of angle in for shits and giggles which was fun.



For now the Skyline is locked away in its dungeon. As rego has just lapsed and I have to focus on Julie and I’s wedding which is in August! I hope to get out to Sydney Motorsport Parks South circuit soon and see what the R33 can really do!

Till next time!


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