Photo dump: The great outdoors


I felt that although my car is near completion, I haven’t taken as many pictures of it as I’d like. So I had some free time to kill this arvo which resulted in rolling the Skyline out of the garage and getting some quick snaps taken.


This would probably have to be my favorite picture of it, I like how the engine bay theme extends out and matches the finish of the wheels, and the cars paint. I really need to get some stuff sprayed on the underside of my bonnet! If you know anyone that can do something rad, hit me up!


I recently bought a new steering wheel from an American company called Jimmy Up. They tend to do limited runs on apparel and steering wheels. This is their dark wood wheel which I thought would suit the R33 well.


Here’s another pic of the interior. Pretty happy with how it’s shaped up so far but I do have a few more things I’d like to do. Like change the seats for newer models, new door trim inserts and do something about the back seat area … it’s just stripped at the moment.


The 350Z brembos look right at home behind the TM-02 wheels.


Same goes at the back end. I will need to change the pads and rotors soon … I’ll probably end up going slotted.


Don’t mind the small exhaust tip, it’s got a muffler on it for when I hit the streets. It’s nice and quiet until it hits gate haha.


I love the DMAX front guards but man it’s so easy to damage them! You can see my skirts aren’t sitting great anymore either.


I’ve been contemplating going back to factory aero skirts and bumper, but the 400R gear just looks too good so it’s a tough choice.


I’d also like to get some sort of spoiler, I feel wingless has worn out and looks a little unfinished at times. A DMAX bonnet is on the cards too, along with new front guards. This won’t be for quite a while though so it’ll stay as is.

I’m pretty happy with how it’s looking now though, these are the first decent photos I’ve taken of it since I mounted the AMEs  … about time eh?

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