Back on the track


It was 2PM, Saturday the 7th of May. I felt spontaneous and really wanted to go drifting. Hi-Tec drifting were holding a South circuit practice night so with a few favors called in I got the R33 picked up and towed to Eastern Creek. It was so good being back there, prior to night I hadn’t been on South circuit in over 3 years!

With all the usual stuff done, scrutineering, drivers briefing and going over the car to make sure it’s ready for a beating, it was time to head out. As you’d expect the first few runs were a little how’s it going, I’ve never had a good slide in it since the new turbo and suspension setup, but I got used to it rather quickly.

On my fourth run though disaster struck! one clutch kick too many lead to blowing third gear. So I whiled back into the pits, thinking this is such a typical thing to happen. Some time went by and out I went again. I ended up bashing limiter off second gear for the rest of the night.

I got to a point where I was wondering why do I bother anymore, my money could be put elsewhere, and drifting just doesn’t give me the same buzz that it used to … I guess I’m more maturely minded now. But I had a few random people come up to me each time I headed back into the pits and asked if I would take them out for a spin. So out we went and after the first run out their smile was ear to ear, they were ecstatic! It was a good feeling to give someone the opportunity to experience drifting, and it reminded me of how fun it actually is.

As for the Skyline, big buzzkill on the blown gear, but the night didn’t end. There was no way I was going to throw in the towel after spending a premium to drift again (event fee, cams, membership etc). The cars setup is incredible now though, there is so much grip and stability thanks to less camber and the GKtech rear knuckles. There’s no more steering bind too which is oh so rad.

On the flipside, the RB25 was doing the ol’ pump the oil out of the head trick. So I need to do my baffle mod to the cam covers, like I did on the Stagea.

As for the gearbox, I’m thinking of going along the lines of a Z33 transmission. They cost the same as a RB25 box, closer gearing would be better matched for my big turbo and the internals are much stronger. Obviously there would be a lot of stuffing around with the tail shaft, and adaptor plates etc but it’s either that … another used 25 box that probably wont last long (they are getting old now), or a gear set which would be the most costly option.

I’ve got plenty of time to decide though, my wedding is coming up so there is no money to allocate to the R33 … it’ll just have to remain dormant in the garage for a while.

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