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Stagea featured on All Stars

Run it hard Stagea dahtone racing

Late February I was approached by Aleks from All Stars. He wanted to do a feature on the Stagea. So we teed up to do it at Dahtone Racing, a few days after the SMP practice night.

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My second year of ownership

2 year

One day and two years ago, I was in Camperdown (somewhere in Vic) picking up a completely original Nissan Stagea RS4 DAYZ edition. So I thought it would be good to go over the past two years of ownership, all the ups, downs, achievements and heart breaks.

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Results – Guess the power figure

Kando TD06 RB25 dyno chart

For a while now I’ve been running a guess the power figure competition, where the three closest guesses won Run It Hard! merchandise.

Readers had two seperate chances (here and here) to guess what power they thought the Stagea would put down on the rollers.

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Competition – Second time coming

Way back in November, I did a little competition to guess what kinda power the Stagea will put down. Seeing that the setup was mass fail (lag city!) I’ve changed it up and it is going for another re-tune. Which means the guesses can continue to flow!

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FUUARK joins the fold

Unless you’re living under a rock you would have heard of the FUUARK S14 Silvia that has spread all over the internet like a wild-fire. It’s low down style and bright Work Meisters, along with it’s neat engine bay made it an instant hit all over the web.

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