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Back on the track


It was 2PM, Saturday the 7th of May. I felt spontaneous and really wanted to go drifting. Hi-Tec drifting were holding a South circuit practice night so with a few favors called in I got the R33 picked up and towed to Eastern Creek. It was so good being back there, prior to night I hadn’t been on South circuit in over 3 years!

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Photo dump: The great outdoors


I felt that although my car is near completion, I haven’t taken as many pictures of it as I’d like. So I had some free time to kill this arvo which resulted in rolling the Skyline out of the garage and getting some quick snaps taken.

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R33 Skyline wet drift track

Alright it’s time for the main event, what the hell have I been up to with the Skyline since my last update in July? Well wonder no more because a shit load of gibberish and pictures are coming your way!

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M spec goodness

R33 M spec grille

I’ve had this M spec front grille lying around for a while now. So I finally decided to mount it on the car. I didn’t think I’d like it at first, but it has deffinately grown on me and I prefer it to the original slat grille.

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Keeping in the loop

Rear guards cut

So this is the first post on here for the year, cool! It’s certainly been a while. A lot of things have happened and new with my current work situation I don’t have much time to post cool things about my car as often as I’d like.

I can happily say the car roulette game has stopped, I’ve stuck with the R33 still and have spent quite a bit of time and money on it since ownership. The most drastic changes would have to be to the exterior. The R33 has under-gone a complete make over!
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Car roulette

Stag with Work LS406 19 inch wheels 2
Well this has become a common trend with me, within the past year I have gone through quite a few cars. Three R33 skylines, a S13, a NA MX5 and even my Stagea (along with some shitbox daily drives). I dare say that my car whoring has come to an end for a while. Now you might be wondering how I ended up with yet another R33, and more importantly how long until this car is gone for something else?


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