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SAU NSW Monthly Meet – Charity Cruise 21st February


SAU were holding their first cruise of the year and there was no way Julie and I were going to miss it! Unfortunately my car didn’t make it due to issues with my ECU but we stretched the legs on Julie’s S14 … which has rarely been driven since it was painted, roughly a year and a half ago.

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All hail the queen – Julie’s S14 reborn

IMG_7815 - water

It has been a long time coming, ever since Julie bought her S14 Silvia 7 years ago, she wanted to change the look of it. But as we all know, plans continuously change and life gets in the way of doing all the things we desire.

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More South circuit action

The ARDC announced a week prior to the last South circuit event, that the competition was cancelled and will resume to be a practice day. Our original plan was to go to the Wakefield Matsuri which is coming up in a few days, but we figured we’d hit up SC once again.

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Suichuuka – flower gear knobs

Seiko flower shift knob small large

One thing that I’ve been meaning to buy the Stagea was a fresh gear knob, the old blue bubble shifter from the Skyline just didn’t cut it anymore. There’s nothing blue on the Stagea, it looked so out-of-place so it had to go. But it had to be replaced with something even quirkier.

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The bumpy road to the Wakefield Matsuri

There is no rest for the wicked, well at least not for Julie, Benny and I. Last weekend we were up at Coffs Harbour for the Raleigh drift fest. This weekend we made the our way to the Raceline Events – Wakefield Matsuri.

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Pushing the boundries

It’s a great feeling when a set of wheels finally arrive from Japan, the 2 or so month wait can feel like an eternity. Well at least it did for Julie.

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