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New shoes

You’ve probably seen Julie’s old wheels for sale on various forums for god knows how long. She’s extremely indecisive when it comes to wheels, she told me many times that she wants new ones but every time I found a replacement she would say “Hmm, I dunno”.

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Weekend Carnage

Last weekend, the Run It Hard! crew headed down to Goulburn for Raceline’s first Wakefield Matsuri of the year. As anticipated it was cold and windy, but that didn’t stop any of us from having a shitload of fun!

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Random Snap – 073

Neo Tech Suspension components

Julie’s been wanting to pull out some rear camber for quite a while now, and just recently she went ahead and purchased some Neo Tech suspension arms, along with a new tie rod kit for more lock.

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Photo dump: The Musketeers

Here’s some footage of the gang sliding at Eastern Creek last week.

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MMM, shinny!

Over the weekend, we gave Julie’s car a much needed clean and it came out a million bucks! it looks so chunky now with it’s new shoes too.

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