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Keeping in the loop

Rear guards cut

So this is the first post on here for the year, cool! It’s certainly been a while. A lot of things have happened and new with my current work situation I don’t have much time to post cool things about my car as often as I’d like.

I can happily say the car roulette game has stopped, I’ve stuck with the R33 still and have spent quite a bit of time and money on it since ownership. The most drastic changes would have to be to the exterior. The R33 has under-gone a complete make over!
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Car roulette

Stag with Work LS406 19 inch wheels 2
Well this has become a common trend with me, within the past year I have gone through quite a few cars. Three R33 skylines, a S13, a NA MX5 and even my Stagea (along with some shitbox daily drives). I dare say that my car whoring has come to an end for a while. Now you might be wondering how I ended up with yet another R33, and more importantly how long until this car is gone for something else?


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All hail the queen – Julie’s S14 reborn

IMG_7815 - water

It has been a long time coming, ever since Julie bought her S14 Silvia 7 years ago, she wanted to change the look of it. But as we all know, plans continuously change and life gets in the way of doing all the things we desire.

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Nissan Stagea sacked on LXZ

LXZ fitment on Stagea

Following on from my last post. After the sub frame install was complete we headed out to Taleb tyres to get some rubber mounted on the LXZs. Taleb sell decent tyres at a good price, and aren’t afraid of stretch like most stores. Originally we wanted Achilles ATR sport all round, but due to not having any stock on the fronts, we settled for Unigrips. Next step was bolting them onto the Stagea, and toying around with the height, toe and camber to get it sitting just the way we like it.

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Hands have changed

Julies stagea stock

Most know of Benny’s daily driver, the sleek black Nissan Stagea. Well Benny decided that he didn’t want to use it as a support/tow car for the R33 and was looking to sell it for something more suitable.

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More South circuit action

The ARDC announced a week prior to the last South circuit event, that the competition was cancelled and will resume to be a practice day. Our original plan was to go to the Wakefield Matsuri which is coming up in a few days, but we figured we’d hit up SC once again.

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