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Another one bites the dust


This year has been pretty chaotic for my cars. I sold the Stagea roughly 4 months ago and now I bid the Skyline farewell. Why the sudden change, hmm I guess you could say I’ve outwitted myself. On my every day commute I happen to drive past several High Way Patrols monitoring the motorways. I know for a fact that if I made the R33 the way I wanted. They would all know me by my first name.

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Leon Hardritt test fit

Leon hardtitt orden

Since I ordered the Ordens from Japan, I’ve been constantly checking the tracking numbers to see if there are any updates. I know I know they take 6-9 weeks to arrive but you can never be so sure.

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Photo dump: R33 aero mock up


Not many updates as of late because Julie and I have just purchased our first home and we’ve been doing the shuffle since. Now we are mostly settled in and I wanted a break from playing with the house. So I decided to play with the R33 instead.

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Wheel whoring at it’s finest

wheel collection

It’s no secret that I love those round shaped things called wheels. Over the years I’ve owned over a whopping 20 sets of wheels. Not including factory items or pairs … holy balls!

So naturally, when I decided that I was going to get the new Skyline, the quest was on to figure out what wheels will make their way onto it. This wasn’t ment to happen straight away as I already had the P1s. But bigger wheels and rim to guard is calling my name, and I suck at resisting temptation.

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HnR Glory Days – R33 Invasion

R33 brosssssss

The day had come, Benny and I were destined to drift together in R33’s once again. We were both super pumped up to get some solid runs down together in similar cars and just fuck shit up and laugh about it. The event held by Hit and Run drift club was held at the humble Wakefield park in Goulburn, which is always a blast to drive on.

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Getting it ready

JDI knuckles kts tie rod ends

With just a few days left until Glory days, I needed to get the remaining parts installed into the Skyline pronto.

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