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Aero testing

R33 bros for life

Let’s face it, the R33 Skyline isn’t the prettiest from factory. But luckily there are many ways to fix that. Most slap on a massive kit but I decided to go for something a little more subtle considering it’s a street car and my daily driver.

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Photodump: Adam’s R33 walk around

right front quater

With the Buddyclubs on, and the ride height set to a standard I was happy with. It was time to get some snaps of the outcome.

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A typical Saturday night

piss off HICAS

Saturday nights are almost a guaranteed work on car session for me. I don’t go out much mainly because there is always something to do at home, finish installing or modifying something. Getting the blog up to date, or even just chilling on the couch and watching a movie. Anyway Benny has totally embraced the fact that I have another R33, it’s like shit has gotten to another level. It’s kinda cute, now we both psych each other up super easy now.

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Kawasaki green buddyclub P1 wheels

I wasn’t a fan of the wheels that came on the Skyline, so I had a look around for a suitable replacement. I came across quite a few options, but half of them had fallen through, sold or wasn’t assed to ship. Anyway I had spotted a set of Buddyclub P1s for sale and decided that they will do the job nicely.

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R33 bros

With the Stagea gone, I needed to get myself something to get to and from work, and to be able to have a bit of fun in of course. With that in mind there was only one solution, I must get a R33 Skyline. I’ve said it time and time again, for the price you can pick them up for, there isn’t much else that’ll match it.

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