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After roughly 6 weeks of struggling to get in contact with Alister and Joanne from Hyperform/Powerplay. I’ve finally had some progress regarding this engine failure.

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The third time’s the charm

Idiom: Third time’s the charm

The belief that the third time something is attempted is more likely to succeed than the previous two attempts. It is also used as a good luck charm – spoken just before trying something for the third time.

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Waiting for nothing

Sunday was the day that Ali was ment to swing by, and have a chat about this engine failure we have on our hands. Here I was hoping to get something happening with it all, instead of the car sitting around.

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Mix and match

Last night after I went out with a few of the Run It Hard! gentlemen, I managed to get to my computer and go on a hunt.

I’ve been doing this hunt every week or so since the pair of 18×12.5J Lehrmeisters arrived. I was looking for another pair. Hoping to make a set of kick ass wheels.

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Tune up results

2 weeks ago I did a little competition on guessing what kind of power my R33 will make. Things didn’t exactly go to plan since I posted it, but hey it’s still been tuned and made great power for the boost used.

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Nail in the coffin

The day had come, Friday. The day my R33 had to be complete and ready to be tuned, and trailered to Raceline’s Wakefield Matsuri.

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