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Car roulette

Stag with Work LS406 19 inch wheels 2
Well this has become a common trend with me, within the past year I have gone through quite a few cars. Three R33 skylines, a S13, a NA MX5 and even my Stagea (along with some shitbox daily drives). I dare say that my car whoring has come to an end for a while. Now you might be wondering how I ended up with yet another R33, and more importantly how long until this car is gone for something else?


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Back in town

shitty side skyline
Hey, so it’s been a while huh? I’ve been a ghost for quite some time, on here and various forums. I lost my interest in cars for a while and funnily enough I started playing car roulette again.

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Taker reborn


Who would have thought that Matsuri would be the end of the line for Benny and his R33. After many years together, Benny finally decided to throw in the towel. Why you ask? Well Benny seems to have some curse upon him. Generally when he says “one more run” something goes sour. It happened last time at both HnR days, and again at Matsuri.

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The last day I did in the Stagea

Been pretty lazy putting the last south circuit video together. I didn’t know at the time that this would be the last drift day in the Stagea. She held up well that day, didn’t cause me any grief for once and just enjoyed driving it.

All good things come to an end

Stagea cleaned

I’m sure word has travelled across the internet, that the Stagea has recently gone to a new home. While I was undecided whether to part ways with it or not over the course of a few months, I finally decided the time had come.

Everyone remembers my horrible R33 skyline that fucked my life. Well I’ve still been trying to recover from the debts that it put me in. Whilst if I was smart enough I shouldn’t have built the Stagea as quick as I did. But not having something to track for so long really got to me.  I think about it sometimes and regret using the money I got back from parting out the Skyline, to build the Stagea to a degree. But hey, you can’t change the past.

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The quest for more – Part III

Stagea and skyline knuckles

After the discoveries that my original R33 knuckle conversion plan needed more work. I went back to the drawing board and weighted up other options.

It wasn’t until I put a Stagea/GTR knuckle and R33 knuckle side by side where I started getting fresh ideas.

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