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The quest for more – Part II

link arm raise point

I’m back tracking a bit here but here goes. My modified arms had returned from JDI Fabrication in Melbourne. I was eager as hell to see how they turned out, so as soon as they arrived I dropped everything to open the boxes up. Everything just ozzed quality, the cuts, the welds … I’m super happy with the outcome.

Lets have a look at everything shall we?

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Rocking roof racks

thule roof rack stagea

I’ve had a few Stagea owners ask me about my Thule roof racks, and although I’ve been meaning to do a post about them it’s always slipped my mind when its crunch time. I originally bought these for the Raleigh Raceway matsuri trip late last year. As I needed some way of carrying my spare wheels/tyres up.

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More South circuit action

The ARDC announced a week prior to the last South circuit event, that the competition was cancelled and will resume to be a practice day. Our original plan was to go to the Wakefield Matsuri which is coming up in a few days, but we figured we’d hit up SC once again.

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Out with the old, in with the new

NPC carbotic 5 puk clutch installed

With the assumption that my ORC 409D clutch had given up at the last South circuit event, I wasted no time on getting a new setup underway. Choosing what to replace the ORC with was a tough choice, I had tossed up between quite a few brands and after reading various reviews and speaking to people with the clutches I was interested in. I decided to go with NPC.

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Photo dump: Full day drifts at South Circuit


So weeks have passed and pictures have trickled through from various photographers, covering the last South circuit practice day. There was a heap of coverage on both the Stagea and Skyline too which is pretty cool! Lets go through the pics.

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A pair of winning

euroline N2

A month or so ago I asked Benny to keep an eye out for some Euroline N2s every time he went wheel hunting. A few days ago he stumbled across a pair in epic sizes, and crazy cheap BIY (buy it now) price. I had to have them so I promptly contacted Jesse and now they are on their way to Australia.

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