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Back in town

shitty side skyline
Hey, so it’s been a while huh? I’ve been a ghost for quite some time, on here and various forums. I lost my interest in cars for a while and funnily enough I started playing car roulette again.

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how to: remove indicator dome in lights

light difference

Sometimes the smallest changes can make the biggest differences on a car. This is actually a trick Julie showed me back when she had her CRX and I had my MX5. With those two cars you can do it the easy way, which is knock out the plastic dome using a flat head screw driver, then cutting it out with a pair of tin snips or other sharp objects. You could do it this way on those cars as there is a large sized opening for the indicator housing.

Unfortunately with Skyline sedan indicators you need to do it the hard way.

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Photo dump: Skyline enjoying the outdoors

watermark top left NEW!

Yesterday I was outside doing the gardening, it was a nice cool day in Sydney, which was a nice change from the typical summer heat we’ve had recently.

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Polishing a turd

cutting front bumper

One big thing with me is that whatever project car I own, it’s got to look cool. I just can’t bring myself to be happy driving around a haggard car. Silly I know but what can you do that’s just how I am. That ment the hunt was on for some parts. Funnily enough I actually bought some bits and pieces before I bought Uboat, as I just happened to come across them.

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Getting to work

R33 front end

I haven’t done an update in quite some time. For those wondering what’s been going on, I’ve still got the Skyline. I haven’t fallen into my recent fad of buying and selling cars off. My mind is clear and this car is going to stick around for a while.

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Taker reborn


Who would have thought that Matsuri would be the end of the line for Benny and his R33. After many years together, Benny finally decided to throw in the towel. Why you ask? Well Benny seems to have some curse upon him. Generally when he says “one more run” something goes sour. It happened last time at both HnR days, and again at Matsuri.

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