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Video dump: Drifting the creek

Time for a video dump! Over the weekend I compiled some footage of just the Stagea, there was plenty of content so I figured why not.

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Video – SMP drift practice 12/04/13

Another South circuit event was held last Friday. This time they ran two separate sessions, morning and afternoon. Benny, Paulie and I hit up both. Here’s a short vid of how we went on, enjoy!

I am the caretaker

Changing R33 knuckles

Benny’s R33 has lived at my house for quite some time now. I can’t really remember how we got to this point, but I think it was along the lines of him living ages away from the tracks and my joint is central to both Wakefield and Eastern Creek … kinda.

Anyway, because he is super lazy on doing updates, I’ve taken the audacity to do so myself.

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Photo dump: South circuit practice night


Skyline drift SMP south circuit 3

Pictures from the last south circuit are up! quite a few photographers were out on the night and got some snaps of the Skyline and Stagea. Thanks to Kinetic Imagery, MPN Digital and James H for the snaps!

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Video – SMP drift practice 27/02/13

The ARDC held a drift practice night on the 27th of February, on the new SMP South circuit. With a cheap entry fee and close to home venue, Benny and I were keen as mustard to get out there and see what the fuss is all about.

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Photo dump: Cursed Sundays drift day

Nissan Stagea Skyline drift 1

Pictures from Cursed Sunday’s private day have just emerged from Streamline Media and they managed to get quite a few pics of the Stagea and Skyline. Most of these were taken early on in the day, you can see that my front lip is already mangled though haha.

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