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Road to Recovery

First thing I’d like to say is SORRY for the delay in updates. The last few months have been up and down for both myself and the Sileighty. I’m gonna try to keep things simple as there will be regular updates happening over the next few weeks.

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The Dahtone treatment

Most of you would know by now that almost EVERY car in the Run It Hard! crew has seen its way into Anthony’s shop for the Dahtone treatment! There was no exception here. 4:30Pm was the time I got home and my tow truck driver had already been waiting for me. I didn’t waste any time, threw everything aside and rushed to my garage, shoved a bunch of junk out-of-the-way to make way for my sileighty to be put onto the back of the tow truck.

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New kid on the block

Where do I even begin…I guess for most, it all began when they first laid their eyes on a modified car. For me, it began the day my brother came home with his GTiR. Zooming up the street and all you could hear was the loud exhaust and the turbo spooling up. That was all I needed, I was in love! From that day onwards, I wanted to learn more about cars and modifying them. and I couldn’t wait to get a car of my own to start modifying.

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