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Photo dump: Full day drifts at South Circuit


So weeks have passed and pictures have trickled through from various photographers, covering the last South circuit practice day. There was a heap of coverage on both the Stagea and Skyline too which is pretty cool! Lets go through the pics.

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Video – SMP drift practice 12/04/13

Another South circuit event was held last Friday. This time they ran two separate sessions, morning and afternoon. Benny, Paulie and I hit up both. Here’s a short vid of how we went on, enjoy!

Matsuri – Paulie styles

So it’s that time again when the Run It Hard! crew pack their bags, stuff their cars full of tyres and trundle on down to Wakefield Park for a couple of days skidding.

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What started as a tyre review, ended in a forced turbo upgrade

I was getting new tyres for my C-Ultra’s (3 spoke for the win) and figured after 4 drift days, it was time for a wheel alignment.

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A drift day in a borrowed car – What could possibly go wrong?

So the Hit and Run invitational drift day was coming up, and Benny was keen as mustard to go. He kept bugging me to come down to spectate and passenger ride for the day. At first I said no, but then he had convinced me to come along.

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A day in the life – Paul vs Police

As most of you who read the blog will know, us in the modified car world have the occasional run in with the law. I would like to share my experience….

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