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Yellow Submarine

So I thought I better do another blog entry.

After a change in my employment I have gone from public transport to relying on my car to get me too and from work.

This didn’t really bother me as the R33 hasn’t let me down yet and I get pretty good fuel economy.

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Paulie Running It Hard

So like the other guys, I thought I better introduce myself. I am Paulie. I am the creepy old guy of the group, think Herbert from family guy and you’re pretty close.

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Triple threat

With Stadium Drift, Wakefield 2 day Matsuri under a month away, Benny Paulie and I have to get our shit together!

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Driving Sports – Weekday drifting


So Benny and Paulie were out drifting last Tuesday, Benny destroyed a pair of tyres on the peanut. Whereas Paulie stuck around on the skid pan.

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Stuck in the nineties

Late last night, I got a SMS from Paulie, he was interested in the Trust rear spoiler I had for sale. But little did I know, he just picked up something quite cool for his R33.

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Boot swap

Ah, the perks of having not only the same car, but the same colour too. Benny and Paulie decided that they wanted each others boots. Paulie wanted to rock my old duck tail, while Benny wanted a boot with no holes.

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