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Weekend wallpaper – Pre RoadsterGarage MX5

I thought we’d bring another segment to Run It Hard! We lack wallpapers, and we don’t happen to post much during the weekend. So here’s a little something to fill the gap. Everyone likes wallpapers, it’s refreshing to change them every so often.

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The end of an era

Today was the big day, the end of a chapter. The MX-5 was leaving forever. At this point I still have mixed feelings about my recent decisions.

The new owner told me to have one last spin of it, and I did. I will definitely miss it, even in it’s current guise it’s quite fun to drive. Goodbye MX-5, we had many ups and downs but it was a pleasure owning such a car.

So guys, this will be my last post on RoadsterGarage. It has been great blogging all this time, about the worlds most popular sports cars, and I appreciate everyone’s support over the years.

It’s not all doom and gloom though, as I posted earlier I currenty have a new blog called “Run-It-Hard“, and it focus’ more on the life I live with cars, rather than just the one car. So be sure to bookmark it and stay posted!

Peace out Roadster world!

Adam Z.

What the RG MX-5 has become

Here is the MX-5, sitting out the front of my house waiting for it’s new owner to pick it up and put some TLC into it.

I was looking over some of the last photos ever taken of this car pre sale, and I have to say that I miss it. I miss hopping into the cramped cockpit, starting the engine and driving it around any bend I can find.

I miss looking at it day in, day out thinking “fuck yeah, I built this car”, and now it’s just another stock looking car.

Sold pending

That’s right, my Mazda MX-5 is now sold pending!

It was quite a shock for it be sold so quickly too. I had a few friends over and they were discussing what car they should get next, as a joke I said buy my MX-5 … the rest is history really.

The MX-5 will be at my house for a while longer, but soon enough it’ll drive off for the last time, and I don’t know if I’ll be happy or sad about it leaving. I do though that it has been an amazing journey though.

The story has been written, the end is near.

Here’s some pictures of the last event the RG MX-5 attended. I went all out that night with nothing to loose. It was great driving the car on the edge for one last time … manyphotos and my memories will be all that remain of the RoadsterGarage MX-5.

For those wondering, my MX-5 is looking quite sorry for itself at the moment, sitting outside in the rain, lonley and almost back to factory. Most of the parts have been sold off the car, and are going all over the world.

RoadsterGarage MX-5 on JDMST!

Parts of the final photoshoot of the RG MX-5 have just been featured on JDMST!

Check out the link below to see the final photos of the RG MX-5 and an interview by Justin Fox.

Adam’s Slammed NB MX5 on JDMST