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Reinventing the Turtle

Last week Khoa’s Mitsubishi Mirage was involved in a hit and run. Someone had reversed into the “Turtle” and it happened to cause some damage to the chassis.

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Random Snap – 076

Once upon a time, Yuan’s 180sx wanted to go bush bashing, and found a ditch to play with.

Fit for a king

Julie is a whiz in the kitchen, and last night I had the pleasure of devouring this magnificent meal!

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Option2 – April edition

Today I got a little surprise, a guy I work with is pretty close with the guys from Option magazine in Japan. Every issue they send a few copies down to Australia.

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 This time last year, Yuan, Julie, Joe and I just got back from Victoria, we did an epic road trip to purchase my Nissan Stagea.

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What makes us tick?


I’ve owned the R33 for roughly seven months now. During those seven months I’ve probably driven the car a dozen times. Each drive I was ecstatic, excited to hop into the drivers seat, grab the steering wheel, shift the transmission into gear, and slowly ease off the clutch so it wouldn’t loose traction.

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