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The Black Smoke 300TD wagon

This thing is fucking crazy, it’s a 1981 Mercedes Benz 300TD wagon built by a team called Black Smoke Racing. It’s running a massive Holset HX52, a Eaton MP90 supercharger, and 100 shot of nitrous to top it off.

Enjoy the vid.

Vivid Vids – 020

Almost everyone knows who Jesse Streeter is, he’s the guy to get the parts you desire, from Japan to your door. Have you ever seen Jesse in action though?

He hit Meihan recently in his new S14 Silvia, and went absolutely nuts! Check it.

Vivid Vids – 019

If you’ve got a spare 30 minutes to burn, then watching this short documentary is a must! The guys from Keep Drifting Fun have gone all over the US, asking bros in the scene what it’s all about, and why they got into it.

Best of all when you watch it you’ll see why you too, got into everything drift.

Run It Hard! – Raceline Wakefield Matsuri

Here’s a little video I put together of what Raceline’s first Wakefield Matsuri of the year was like. You’ll also see some in-car footage of Benny getting loose in his R33 Skyline.

We all can’t wait until the next Matsuri, and I think the Run It Hard! team will be bringing more cars next time too.

Vivid Vids – 018

This time next week, the Run It Hard! gang will be doing something like this.

Vivid Vids – 017

Mum: What on earth is that racket?!

Son: Oh nothing, it’s just me “working” on the car.