The cars

Below are the main stars of Run It Hard!, While we’ve spent a lot of time on some cars, others have just begun their story.

Check out uninterrupted updates on their progress by clicking the selected image, or the links below them.

Adam’s fifth Nissan Skyline ECR33

IMG_7815 - water

  Julie’s Nissan 200SX S14

Julies stagea on LXZ

Julie’s Nissan Stagea WGNC34

Previous projects


Adam’s Nissan Stagea WGNC34

 The RoadsterGarage MX-5

Adam’s first Nissan Skyline ECR33

run it hard - R chassis R33 skyline

Adam’s second Nissan Skyline ECR33

slammed R33

Adam’s third/fouth Nissan Skyline ECR33

S13 shell

Adam’s Nissan Silvia S13


  Benny’s Nissan Skyline ECR33

Julie’s Mitsubishi Lancer MR

Paulie’s Nissan Skyline ECR33